Monday, December 15, 2014

Bronchitis, sinus infection, pneumonia, OH MY!

Just when I thought I was getting back into a routine I was hit hard with illness! Back in November my allergies/asthma started to act up and I got a bad sinus infection and bronchitis the weekend of what would have been the Richmond Marathon. A z-pack and 4 other prescriptions later I was feeling better but the cough hung with me. That lingering cough eventually turned into pneumonia and another severe sinus infection which put me back on the bench. Now I am facing the reality that cold weather running might not be in my cards this year which means training for DC Rock n Roll in March may be completely out of the question. #runnerproblems #asthmasucks #livingonantibiotics

Thursday, November 27, 2014

OBX Running

Feels AWESOME to be running again… minus the asthma and this cough that WILL.NOT.GO.AWAY! I love the two paths that I have ran in OBX and tonight the sunset was breathtaking. Lilly has been my little running buddy and keeping up with a fast pace under 9:30! 

#hope #fellowflowers #newrunninggear

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DC Rock n Roll

                                            I finally convinced Katie to run a half marathon.

 I sent her the pic above to help her along with the decision and she quickly responded with this:

Touche Katie and welcome to the club! 

Decision day is Sunday, November 30th! Look how close I am to registering…! Wanting to get in a few longer runs to make sure my knee holds up and my lungs decide to play. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holy Hills

Got in an awesome 3.11 from school but holy hills. My lungs are NOT happy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Run Happy

Today was my first real run since all of my knee issues! It wasn't pretty and I wanted to Q U I T after .01 miles but it made my soul happy! I didn't really want to quit but it wasn't an easy run and I became frustrated at the endurance I have lost due to injury. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Adding Pink

I am slowly adding more pink to my Marathon Training schedule which feels awesome - well awesome-ish. As soon as I get through the heartache of not running the marathon next weekend I will replace the calendar with a new running schedule. I don't have a big race on the calendar yet because I am really waiting to see how my knee/hip do over the next few weeks and on some longer runs. I am excited for a new white plan that will slowly become a solid block of pink minus all of the scribbles and sad faces. 

We like Color Runs

Katie and I really like color runs! Run or Dye is where I started my running journey what seems like forever ago. Katie asked me to do that race with her for over a month before I finally showed up on race day in white. I can't help but be a little sentimental :)! The Color Run at Nat's Stadium was our 3rd color run together!