Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Training is Hard, Messy and Worth It

Had an off running weekend and can completely relate to the "messy" part of training right now. Training is hard, time consuming and sometimes the very last thing that I want to be doing but I know that it will be worth it in the end so I am OK (or learning to be OK) with taking a few days to physically and mentally relax! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Running Gear

I had to order another #fellowflower because sometimes I am a #ROCKSTAR! I also had to order some glide... would've helped to have had it BEFORE the chaffing but ya live and ya learn. Seriously, had no idea chaffing was so painful. I also had to get a new armband because mine was falling apart and getting pretty nasty. One click Amazon shopping is dangerous! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Camel back or Hydration Pack?!

Roger has been letting me borrow his camel back which I absolutely LOVE! I have gotten used to carrying it and it is easy to drink on the go BUT it is causing some MAJOR chaffing during my longer runs. I will be looking to purchase a nerdy running fuel belt now and adjusting to that for my longer runs because this looks nasty!!!

Check out my awesome runner's tan which I did not realize I had going until R took these pics to prove to me how gross my shoulders/back looks.

Recovery 2.5

After 20+ miles yesterday I could barely move! I was sore, a whole new kind of sore, my knee, my hip, my foot, my legs, my chaffed shoulders/back, and the blisters on my heels. I kept moving but didn't resist the urge to nap later in the day which according to K is the WORST possible thing to do. I iced, took Aleeve, whined and recovered today with a 2.5 mile run with my favorite little running buddy! 

Gremmy, who is my snuggle baby is NOT much of a runner decided that she was not going to be left out of the fun again and snuck out the door as Lilly and I were getting ready to head out! She got her fill by running to the car and back and was happy to get some one-on-one time with Rog! 

Lilly is a rock star! She kept up at around a 10 minute/mile pace, slow and steady! Isn't she the CUTEST little runner you've ever seen? She looks so happy! I love it!

Goal MET

23 miles this weekend put me at 119 MILES for the month of August. 


Check out THAT bar graph!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hoadly Road

I love this I Love to Run eBib and this week I did respond with 20 a few times! Kimberly and I made it PAST Hoadly Road on our 20 + mile run today. If you don't know where K lives or where Hoadly Road is I realize that this means NOTHING but let me just tell you it is FREAKING FAR! We also did it in the rain… not a drizzle, not a light rain, the pouring down rain! We celebrated this milestone with a selfie at the Hoadly Road sign and THIS was our runner's high around mile 10 when the rain hadn't gotten to us yet!  

Soon after this picture it started raining HARD and after a few minutes Kimberly says, "You know your a runner whennnn… you can rock a long run in the RAIN." My response, not as Suzie Sunshine was, "Yup, OR we are just too freaking far for it to matter if we are rock stars or not. If we weren't runners would we WALK all the way back in the pouring rain?" THIS makes me giggle too and this long sucky run will come to mind during the half or the 26.2 miles and I will smile.  

The rain was so bad that at one point we considered putting in an SOS for someone to come save us. My poor phone got soaked and either died from the rain or exhaustion and we ended up having a dance party with Kimberly's phone around mile 15 to home singing and dancing our way through the rain! 

By the end of the run there was a lot of cussing, soggy shoes and two VERY grumpy and sore runners BUT it did feel pretty awesome to push past 20 miles! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August- Devoted Doggie Dash 5k

It was tough to find an August race in Northern Virginia so I decided to participate in my first ever virtual run by Fit, Fab and Lean! You sign up online, create your bib, pick your distance, race your race, share your time/pictures and receive your BLING! How cute is my bib? I know there is an apostrophe missing but it was not an option which was my only complaint. I decided to do a 10 k and was determined to PR the distance. Proceeds from the race are being donated to Freedom Service Dogs, a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs and custom training them for individual client needs! In addition I threw on Charity Miles and ran for ASPCA! Here are a few pics from race day! Had it not been so hot/far I would have taken Lilly with me, my favorite furry little running buddy! I felt a like a lost runner with my bib. I know no one was even paying attention but I kept giggling because if people were expecting more runners it wasn't happening which either made me look SUPER FAST, super slow, totally crazy, or LOST! But I ran MY RACE as Lilly and Gremmy's Mommy with HOPE (#FF) of someday adding another little one to our family! 

Isn't the BLING adorable?! Love the pink, the glitter and the sassy little puppy! It arrived a few days after I logged my time and shared my Flipagram! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A New Kind of Sore

I am constantly battling knee/hip pain BUT after 19.77 miles today I am a new kind of sore. My knee, hip and legs are currently NOT happy with me. I actually, don't think they even like me. E and K my running gurus suggested an Epsom Salt bath and an ice bath. A nap is usually my first recovery option but Roger had other plans for us today including filming his ALS #icebucketchallenge, going to a local vendor fair and then grocery shopping. While limping through Walmart it occurred to me that I should purchase some Epsom salt, Biofreeze and Tums (another Eileen running tip). I didn't make it into the bath tonight because I am falling asleep sitting up and well let's face it, I might just drown but I am well prepared for tomorrow or my next long run. 

Sunday Long Run

You know you're a runner when... your Sunday mornings are earlier than your Mondays! Happy Sunday! Today I ran with K and E for my longest run to date. We ran somewhere between 17 and 19.77 miles. Kimberly's TomTom and her MMR app are NOT working correctly. Eileen's Garmin is also broken as far as I am concerned. I am going to stay in Lala Land and believe my MapMyRun for a total distance of 19.77 miles this morning! I am sure I won't be thrilled on race day when I am a full mile or two, almost three behind the actual course but for now I am OK with this! 

We ran with our Fellow Flowers this morning (E in spirit! She forgot hers). 
#fellowflowers #courage #hope #noexcuses

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sweaty, Soggy, Stinky

I am writing this while cracking up! Today K, E and I went for our long weekend run and patronized the Exon on our route for their bathroom and water. I had been carrying my money in my running belt and by mile 12 it was a bit … sweaty, soggy and maybe stinky. The cashier was not at all impressed but I cannot help but laugh!  I wish I had taken a picture to share with you of the money and of his face because I am still laughing about it!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fellow Flower Vimeo

It is not often that I am at a loss for words but the more I learn about Fellow Flowers the more I fall in love <3. WHY do you run? What color flower will you run with today?

Race Times

Completed Races:
January - Frozen 5K - 32:54:26

February - Love the Run You're With 5K- 36:48
March- St Patrick's Day 8K - 01:01:40

April- Manassas Runway 10K-01:03:21
May- Color Run 5K- 32:33
June- WWP Hustle and Bustle 10K- 59:43
July- Firecracker 5k- 26:20.0

Upcoming Races:
September- Diva Dash Half-
October- Army 10 Miler-
November- Anthem Richmond Marathon- 
December- Jingle All the Way 8k-

2014 Races UPDATED

  Check out the list and join me for one of my 2014 races….

2014 Race List 

January 5- Frozen 5k 
March 9- St. Patrick's Day 8k  (Join team: Let's Get Shamrocked! Password: lucky)
May 18- Color Run 5k  (Join team: Paint Us Pretty)

First Fellow Flower Run

Happy Friday! Today was my first run with my Fellow Flower! 7 miles of hope <3! t

Shoe Charms

My Asics are looking pretty jazzy, not like typical running shoes! I found these hot pink laces at Walmart and these adorable charms at Michael's! I got two paws, one for Lilly and one for Gremmy, my two puppies and the R for my amazing husband, Roger! Running is total a mental game and I thought these little charms would be a way to have my family running with me. I know they will be especially helpful on tough runs.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Shoes

Check out my jazzy new running shoes! Let me just explain to you that I don't think I bought 3 pairs of shoes over the past 5 years and this will be my second and third pair of the year! Back at the beginning of the year I went to the running store and got fitted for my perfect shoe.

Here is what I learned about running shoes:
1. Running shoes are not picked based on color and cuteness but rather an exact science of your foot and the way you run.
2. Running shoes are expensive and if you are putting the miles on them they don't last.
3. It is necessary to have more than one pair of running shoes!
4. Running shoes can be made cute by adding fun laces.
5. Running shoes are like your favorite shirt that you have in 5 colors.

So, I ordered my exact same shoe, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 in a different color and a pair of Asics that I actually would have picked based on color because of their reviews! I couldn't bring myself to buy two of the same shoe at the same time so I did some research and found that the Asic GT - 1000s are very comparable to the Mizunos.

I couldn't wait to lace them up and test them out! I quickly realized that they are AWESOME and I love that I get a splash of pink. Now I am on a mission for pink shoe laces!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Marathon Training Begins

Really, a marathon? What was I thinking? Since I did so well with my half marathon training schedule on the fridge I decided to go that route for marathon training too! This time instead of check marks I have boxes to highlight! Right now it looks a little overwhelming and intimidating but I cannot wait to see it fill with color over the next few months. I am most concerned that some of my longest runs will be solo since Kimberly and Eileen will be done training for their marathon! I just might have to find a running group or something to get me through those longer distances. I am also a little worried what training is going to look like when I am back to school and my photography business is at it's busiest time of year. 
 #marathontraining #twentysixpointfreakingtwo #fullcrazy

Sunday, August 10, 2014


A year ago when I committed to running a race a month I did NOT even like running. Through this journey I have fallen in love with running for so many reasons. I love the challenge that running gives me and the control. Running is a huge stress reliever for me and I have really learned to BELIEVE in myself.

My September race, The Diva Dash half marathon was my big goal for this year UNTIL I blew past 131.1 miles and seriously started thinking about conquering a FULL marathon, twenty six point freaking two miles. I hadn't actually said this OUT loud but I have been holding back on registering for my November race because it's been on my mind. There is a half and full marathon in OBX in November and since marathon made it on my bucket list I have been going back and forth. Ultimately, I decided that I didn't want to run it alone and without having a buddy who is at the last able to jump in and finish the last few miles with me. 

When our 17.16 miles posted to my Facebook page a runner friend, Kimberly B. asked, "Are you training for a marathon?" which really made me think! "Kimberly and Eileen are training for a marathon so by default, I am too but there is no way I will obtain a bib for the MCM in October. " I replied. Kimberly B. then suggested that I run the Richmond Marathon in November, recruit Kimberly to run the half with her and they would happily cheer for me at the finish line. 

Immediately I started doubting myself. It is one thing to consider doing it but it is another thing when it becomes REAL. Can I do this? Can I seriously run 26.2 miles? 26.2 miles is FAR and takes a lot of training so I turned to Roger for some help with this decision. 

Me: So what do you think about a marathon? Do you think I could do it in November?
Roger: I KNOW you can do it. I just don't know why you would WANT to do it. 

I texted Kimberly and got her on board and before I could change my mind I registered for the Richmond Marathon. 

You ran HOW far?

I have to giggle because I am running MORE miles in one day than I probably ran ALL of last year. Kimberly and I have been spending our Saturday mornings running together and depending on who's device or app you are looking at our distance varies but we have been running FAR! Last weekend we ran 17.16 miles or 16 according to Kimberly! I will continue to believe whichever app or device puts us the furthest :)! Currently, my favorite question in response to a distance is, "You ran HOW far?"

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fellow Flowers

A few months ago I found Fellow Flowers and I fell IN LOVE with their story, their flowers and their mission. This is their philosophy, "We are a women's running movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reason behind why women run… because we believe that every woman has a story and every woman runs with a purpose." Go check out their website and see how they got started and read more of their story. I promise you will be inspired. 

Fellow Flowers started with an orange flower, a flower that represented friendship and has blossomed into an amazing business! Now there are ten different flowers. "Each color represents different reasons, stories and purposes behind WHY we run. They are the true words spoken and inspired by real women. The flower is a symbol of friendship, strength and beauty. It represents your journey- the miles and the moments. The training and the transformation. The realization that your body is strong, and that your mind is even stronger. And it unites - this flower is rooted in friendship. Reminding us that we are in this together- always."

Naturally I wanted to order the pink flower(s) but as I read through each colors' meaning Fellow Flowers really made me think about WHY I run. As I read them over and over and over I couldn't pick one. FlowerItForward was a company initiative encouraging customers to send flowers to friends. I decided to send a flower to girlfriends who have inspired ME or who I want to know that I believe in them! I sent an orange flower to my friend from high school, Alyssa who encouraged me to stick with running when I hated it. She promised me I would grow to like it and she was so right! I also sent an orange flower to another high school friend, Julie who is a new runner and has really been pushing herself to run and says that I an inspiring her. I feel like we are connected by Map My Run but now they have orange flowers to wear and we are #fierclyunited. I ordered a green flower for Kimberly and a purple flower for my friend Connie. I've also encouraged all of my runner friends to find THEIR flower. While I can relate to many of the flowers there was ONE that finally spoke to me and so I ordered a gray flower. 

The package, the flower, the words and note brought me to tears. How awesome is this? I decided to order another flower because sometimes when I run I am a ROCK STAR and other times I need HOPE!  

Go check out Fellow Flowers! Why do YOU run?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Not JUST a Half

Just wanted to share! I know it shouldn't annoy me but it does, especially when it comes from someone who doesn't even know what it feels like to run 3 miles. I also get equally annoyed when it comes from a runner who has ran a full marathon and somehow feels like they are far better because of it. I love the response, "Nope, not just half. I am going to crush the WHOLE thing."
End of rant!