Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hoadly Road

I love this I Love to Run eBib and this week I did respond with 20 a few times! Kimberly and I made it PAST Hoadly Road on our 20 + mile run today. If you don't know where K lives or where Hoadly Road is I realize that this means NOTHING but let me just tell you it is FREAKING FAR! We also did it in the rain… not a drizzle, not a light rain, the pouring down rain! We celebrated this milestone with a selfie at the Hoadly Road sign and THIS was our runner's high around mile 10 when the rain hadn't gotten to us yet!  

Soon after this picture it started raining HARD and after a few minutes Kimberly says, "You know your a runner whennnn… you can rock a long run in the RAIN." My response, not as Suzie Sunshine was, "Yup, OR we are just too freaking far for it to matter if we are rock stars or not. If we weren't runners would we WALK all the way back in the pouring rain?" THIS makes me giggle too and this long sucky run will come to mind during the half or the 26.2 miles and I will smile.  

The rain was so bad that at one point we considered putting in an SOS for someone to come save us. My poor phone got soaked and either died from the rain or exhaustion and we ended up having a dance party with Kimberly's phone around mile 15 to home singing and dancing our way through the rain! 

By the end of the run there was a lot of cussing, soggy shoes and two VERY grumpy and sore runners BUT it did feel pretty awesome to push past 20 miles! 

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