Sunday, May 18, 2014

10 Running Lessons

1. Mental training is important and positive self-talk is key! I have a handful of mantras including "She believed she could, so she did." The faster you run the faster you're done." "You got this!" I have shut off the little voice that says, "Running sucks!" or "How the hell are you going to run 13.1 if you are complaining about 3?"
2. I run, so therefore, I am a runner! No more "wannabe-runner" status for this girl!
3. It is hard to hold pee while running.
4. Mouth boogers kind of suck.
5. Chaffing is real, prior to running I've only READ about it. Yup, it's an actual thing.
6. Running is the MOST expensive free sport. At some point my husband may put a budget on my running allowance.
7. A running plan is the best way for me to stay focused. I love checking off each day and I have a routine. No excuses for not running.
8. Listening to the same running mix is an awesome way to keep track of pace and mileage.
9. I can tell you exact landmarks for mile increments in our neighborhood.
10. Hills that look "little" in the car are actually MUCH bigger when you are trying to run up them.

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