Sunday, June 29, 2014

June- Hustle N Bustle WWP 10k

Woot woot! June marked my 6th race of the year, halfway there! A few months ago when I wasn't sure how all of this training was going to go I decided to put another 10k on the calendar to help keep me motivated! That was before I fell in love with running and started training like a REAL runner!

My competitive spirit kicked in the night before the race when I decided I wanted to PR and finish in under an hour, so did my nerves. I ran this race solo but my amazing husband came out to cheer me on and take me to brunch afterwards! The race was in Prince William Forest Park! The scenery was picturesque but the hills were brutal.  Most of the race was through the woods on a service road or gravel inclines! When I say incline I'm not joking! The hill I try to avoid by my house looks like an anthill compared to the forest hills but I powered through somehow and managed to beat my April time and finish in under an hour! Roger got a good laugh waiting at the finish line because every runner that crossed the line was complaining about the hills.

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