Monday, March 31, 2014

Who Needs Sleep? #bemoreawesome

When I commit to something I always do it 100%. I become obsessed with things that I am passionate about and I put my full heart and head into them. The only problem is currently I have TOO many things that matter to me, too many things that require a good amount of my time and attention, too many things that I am obsessed with!

Professionally I am obsessed with #twitter, Mystery Skype and Edcamps (attending and planning)! In addition to these I am really involved in my school and seem to always have a to-do list with 183 items. 
In between both of these I have 3 blogs including this one, a tech blog  and a Mystery Location blog. 
Personally I have a photography business, a family and I want to be obsessed with running.

What is the problem you ask? Time! There aren't enough days in the week, hours in a day or minutes in an hour to do all the things I want to do! So, the best I have to offer today is WHO NEEDS SLEEP? There isn't one thing that I want to give up and all things that I want to devote time and energy towards.  So way to go Kid President, you've inspired me to #beMOREawesome !

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