Saturday, April 26, 2014

March & April

Most of March slipped away from me.  Actually, I collected a lot of motivation from Facebook running pages and Pinterest although it took awhile for it to kick in :). I also found lots of cute shirts on Etsy, necklaces and charms & car decals.  I might have been trying to bribe myself to run. I bought cute new spring/summer running gear and found a whole bunch of running plans. BUT I did not run once between March and mid April!

I could list the excuses why I didn't run beginning with the weather (snow and ridiculously cold temps in March), followed by my knee and then coming down with bronchitis that stuck in my chest FOREVER. When it did finally start to warm up my allergies went crazy and my inhaler became my best friend. I also kept reminding myself that I DON'T even like to run! I had 101 reasons NOT to run....

Before I could blink it was days {literally} before my April race! You can't run a 10k without SOME training I told myself so I laced up my shoes and started running! THIS week I became Runner Girl. I ran MORE this week than in the entire year! The week leading up to the race I ran 15.16 miles! I may have also started to fall in love with running. I knew it would eventually happen. Ok, so I am not in LOVE with running yet but I've come a long way.

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