Monday, November 10, 2014

November Race

Hello November! Where did you come from? October came and went and I didn't get to run a race but I kicked off November with one of the #happiest5ks - The Color Run with some of my favorite colleagues! It was a chilly morning and I kept reminding Katie (and everyone) that we've ran in colder and worse weather (rain, snow, sleet). The Color Run course is usually at National Harbor but this time we got to race through National's Stadium which was REALLY cool. We started the race running into the stadium and around the bases and made our way throughout the whole stadium and parking lot from bottom to top (which my knee wasn't a real fan of). My knee/hip held out and it was almost a PR which is awesome for stopping at least twice for #runfies - 27:47. Everyone had a blast and  even "the nonrunners" are already asking to do this race again in the spring :)! 

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