Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love the Run Your With

It's way too early in the challenge (race a month) to miss a race, even if the doctor said 6 weeks of no running. One of my best and worst character traits is my stubbornness. Being told no is just  enough to make me want to prove you wrong so I decided to run the Love the Run Your With 5k despite the doctors suggestion. I kept telling myself any run is better than no run and even if I had to walk some of it, that would be better than laying in bed which is exactly where I would've been had I decided to skip this race.

So I suited up in my all pink attire and painted my hair bathroom with pink sparkles. Note to self- brown hair does not receive spray on color well, white bathroom door, floor, sink and toilet seat DO! Roger was in for a surprise when he woke up :)! Oops! I hair sprayed some stickers to my face which worked perfectly, who knew and I didn't even Pinterest that. I couldn't find that eye lash glue and I was running out of time so I gave hair spray a try!

We had three friends join us for this race, three friends who are not used to running in the cold and at some point between 8:30 and 9:00 thought what a terrible idea it was to join us. The race was at Pentagon Row in Arlington and while there wasn't much scenery there were some good inclines. My knee does much better on the uphill than the downhill which is the exact opposite of how everyone else wants to run. We didn't beat our PR from January. Honestly, as competitive as I am I am OK with it, I was just as happy to finish the race without having to walk because of knee pain. 


My knee is definitely sore but I survived! Part of my justification for running is that I start PT on Monday and I might as well show the therapist what my knee is like AFTER I run. Logical, right? 

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