Friday, December 27, 2013

I was going to run today BUT....

I was going to run today! Really, I was!

I had my outfit and ugly shoes ready to go and a plan.

I was going to find a parking area for the PW Parkway Trail OR run through Signal Hill Park {Why is it impossible to Google this?!} ! I had it mostly figured out.

I downloaded MapMyRun last night and got my account set up so I can keep track of just how many miles I run this year! At this rate I may not need the app to keep track for me!


I also spent an hour on iTunes looking for an audiobook. I put several on my "Wish List" and was going to make a decision this morning. This all sounds promising right?!

I was going to run today BUT...

  • Lizzie had to get an inspection so I didn't have a buddy!
  • I woke up with a terrible headache and sinus pressure. 
  • It was 22 degrees when I wanted to run which is way too cold.
  • My brother stopped to visit and I don't see him that often.
  • I dropped my iPad on my toe and it is THROBBING.
  • I dropped and shattered my iPhone while taking out the trash.
I think I will run tomorrow... if it is warmer and my toe stops hurting, plus my new iPhone will have arrived. Tomorrow might be the day that I start this "training" business.

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