Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I signed up for the half marathon over a week ago  and guess how many times I've run? Just guess! Go ahead. Come on, guess! OK, ok, I haven't been on ONE single run {yet} BUT I have done some research! I found a training schedule and by a, I actually mean more like 47 training schedules.

Training Schedule #1:

Training Schedule #2:

Training Schedule #3:

Ok, you get it! There are 44 more where those came from haha!

I also downloaded a book which is somewhat more for my entertainment than for the actual information. I was drawn to the book by the title of course but also the reviews of how absolutely hilarious Dawn Dias is! If you are a serious runner YOU will not think she is hilarious BUT because I am SO not a serious runner I relate can totally relate! 

So I have a running buddy, 47 training schedules to pick from,  I'm on chapter 4 of the NONRUNNERS Marathon Guide For Women, a Pinterest board of running inspiration, I have a shopping date for running gear tomorrow, I've researched places to run and running groups, I'm signed up for a half marathon and at least 11 other races in the upcoming year and I've not run once

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