Sunday, December 29, 2013

Training starts...

Training starts... tomorrow!

I didn't run yesterday because my toe was still hurting {it has a nasty bruise) and I had to finish watching Orange is the New Black. It was an amazing Netflix series and I was dying to know how it ended, so in two days I spent 13 hours watching Netflix but didn't train once.

Ok, I know that is pathetic and I would've been better just not to share. I did sign up for The Color Run though which should count for something towards my running goal! I am officially signed up for 5 races including the half marathon in 2014. Now back to the training business....

I will post a tutu picture when it's finished!

I was planning on running today BUT it is pouring and chilly. We are going grocery shopping and to get tulle to make a pink tutu instead. That should count towards preparing myself to run. So help me, if I spent as much time running as I spend talking about it or getting ready to do it I would already be in good shape.

Tomorrow is going to be the day! I know it {unless it rains or is too cold}. Who thinks it's a good idea to start training in January? Well, let's just be honest I would have an excuse for any month of the year so what better time than in the New Year? Maybe I should just wait until January 1 to start training, a fresh new year and I will be able to start calculating my miles for the year.

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