Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nikki the Runner

If you know me well enough at all the mere title, "Nikki the Runner" made you laugh out loud, I am NOT a runner. I do not even like to run, not even kind of, not even a little. Ok, maybe I like to run a little, teeny, tiny bit but in all actuality for me it's all about the social part, the outfits, and the pictures!

In 2013 I ran 4 races {with 0 training} and had a blast! 

First I did Run or DYE with Katie on a whim. Her friend Lindsey wasn't able to make the race so I was a stand in and this may be where the running obsession started. Katie and I always have a great time together and she has become one of my closest friends so I couldn't let her run alone! Luckily, this wasn't her first run and she was able to show me the ropes with packet pick up and all the ins and outs of races {this is where we learned about plastic bags for cell phones and socks to cover expensive shoes also}! We stood at the start line longer than it took us to actually run the race BUT we had an absolute BLAST! It was a whole day of adventure from the metro ride to lunch and beer afterwards, it was a great experience! As soon as we finished we were looking for our next race! 

Then I did the Color Run, Happiest 5k on the Planet with Kimberly and Eileen! I don't know what I was thinking running with these two, marathon trainers BUT it gave me an extra push to run the whole thing. I won't mention that they ran 18 miles the day before and were not running their personal best BUT I still ran with these two lovely ladies who may also be in part responsible for this running craze. Thanks you two for a little inspiration and maybe a swift kick in the tush!

Race 3 is where I found my running buddy at the Cosmic Run! Katie was supposed to join us but she got sick {and tipsy} so we braved the cold weather without her! This run was supposed to be in DC, and by DC they meant Maryland. I was less than thrilled about this run as I shot {photography} a wedding during the day, ran the 5k at night in MARYLAND (took us over two hours to get there with crummy traffic) and I had another wedding the following day! Lizzie and I had fun despite the chaos and the cold weather and we became running buddies for good!

The last race of 2013 was Jingle All the Way 8k which I was also less than excited about... do you notice a pattern here with me and running?! The only thing that got me signed up for the race was the idea of tutus which also made me less than excited at one point! Race day came after I handmade six tutus and there was rain, sleet and snow!!! We had SO much fun despite the miserable weather and this is where Lizzie and I made the running pact, maybe I can blame it on the cold weather or the "runners high" of finishing 8ks after no training or maybe it was the Dunkin Donuts Red Velvet Latte. Lizzie and I decided that we would like to run a race a month AND train for a half marathon. We are both non runners. 

Each race I was surprised at how easy it was for me to cross the finish line. You see, it's not that I don't like running because I can't do it, actual ability is not the problem, I am just lazy and I get bored running. So this year I set a goal, a race a month and a half marathon. Yup, you read that right, a half marathon. Since I've been able to run the 5ks and an 8k without running a day in between each race I decided that I needed to do something a little more challenging to force myself to train. So I am all signed up for the Diva Dash Half Marathon in Leesburg on September 9th, 2014 and I've talked Lizzie into joining me for the journey! Here is our schedule for the year so far! 

2014 Race List

January 5- Frozen 5k
February 9- Love the RUN Your With 5k (I think!)
March 9- St. Patrick's Day 8k
April- TBD
May 18- Color Run 5k 
September- Diva Dash Half Marathon 13.1 miles
December- Jingle All the Way 8k

Wish me luck, this may be the silliest "resolution" I've had yet!

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