Thursday, December 26, 2013

Running Shoes

Today Lizzie and I went to Pacers Running Store to be fitted for shoes! Who knew finding the perfect running shoe was such a production? We both showed up in high heeled boots and dressed for an afternoon of shopping and lunch rather than a trip to the running store. We will get this running thing down sooner or later! 

First she measured our feet. Then she put some running shoes on us and watched us run around the store and on the tread mill. Let me just tell you about running shoes, they are NOT designed to be fashionable and I learned very quickly that I was NOT going to be purchasing a cute pair of pink shoes like I had in mind. The Pacers girl kept reminding me that comfort and support were more important and so did Lizzie. Guess what color Lizzie's shoes are? Yup, I hate her! She has adorable size 7 feet and got a pair of super cute pink, black and white Nike running shoes! My giant feet have limited selection and I needed a shoe with mild stability so I got a pair of gray and blue Mizuno running shoes. So my shoes aren't cute by any means but they were NOT the most hideous pair in the store BUT I did get a free entry to a Pacers run for purchasing the Mizunos. Now I have no excuse not to go for a run right? I think running around the store counts for today though, maybe I will run tomorrow...

After our shoe shopping we went to Sister's Living Room Cafe (Thai Food) and it was the cutest little restaurant ever with adorable decor! The food was also delicious and really reasonably priced! Lizzie and I had Tom Yum and Tom Ka Soup, Thai Basil Chicken, Drunken Noodles.and Thai Custard!

Then to top the day off look what she gives me?! A whole box of scrumptious cookies! Some running buddy she is!  I WILL run...tomorrow...

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