Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July- Firecracker and Freedom 5k OBX

I finished my 7th race of the year in OBX (my favorite place in the whole world). OBX means the world to me, if you don't know my whole story Roger and I visit OBX often and that is where he proposed and where we got married 2 years ago!

 I knew July would be a tough month to squeeze in a race because of our beach trips and our cruise, vacations have their way of cutting into things so I decided to look into OBX races! I was beyond thrilled to discover OBX Run Cations. They have 2 races a week during the summer and a Firecracker and Freedom 5k on July 4th! Hurricane Arthur tried to ruin our OBX trip and my July race but at the last minute decided to cause minimal damage and postpone the race 12 hours! I ran the race at my fastest 5k pace yet and finished 58/258 and 4/12 in my age division in 26:20! 

AND I got this jazzy blog badge too!

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