Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Julie is Running 13.1

Meet Julie, one of my high school/college besties! She is "newer" to running and I am so proud of her for putting one foot in front of the other on her running journey. Much like me, Julie has had a love/hate relationship with running for awhile but recently she started falling in love and realized what a #ROCKSTAR she is. Running has an amazing way of teaching you about yourself as well as many other lessons! Running has also really strengthened our friendship. Julie and I have exchanged thousands of texts about running and life and our #fellowflower friendship has blossomed. We are #fiercelyunited and I am beyond ecstatic that she has committed to her first HALF MARATHON! The best part, she will be running her first half with me in Richmond the day that I run my first full marathon! I couldn't be more excited to be spending an awesome girls weekend with her in November and celebrating such an awesome milestone together! 

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