Sunday, January 19, 2014

Google Doctor

A few of my running friends gave me their  best advice for my knee issue, "Try to run/walk for awhile- you are going zero to 3 miles.", "Try the elliptical, less pounding on your knee.", "Try yoga or swimming if you feel like you need to get a workout in.", "Let yourself walk, it's OK if you don't run the whole time.", "Don't be so stubborn, any workout is better than none, you don't have to run 3 miles.", "Don't listen to your body it might be saying, "I'm tired" or "I don't want to run anymore" and it's just in your head". I took all of their advice to heart and then I sought out Google to see if I could get to the bottom of my problem!

After lots of Googling I think my knee/hip issue is due to my IT Band which is a common issue for "new runners." I read LOTS of articles and found several suggestions for improvement. Strength training and stretching seem to be the "cure." I watched several YouTube videos and spent 20 minutes stretching today before I set out for my run. I still had pain but it wasn't as bad as last weekend. I hope THIS is the answer :)! YouTube has a wealth of knee/hip stretches for runners and I also found a few stretch training cardio workouts for off days.

My knee is sore but I iced it when I got home from my run today. I am hoping to run again tomorrow and eventually see/feel improvement. I might also be bribing myself with a pedicure IF I run 3 times this week (since I will be wearing flip flops in approximately 1 week).

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