Monday, January 6, 2014

Ice and a long cold drink of water….

It's going to be a LONNNNNNNGGG year if this is how each run/race goes. (Side note: Meet Lilly. She is my little ball of energy. She appears blurry because she is always on the go and ready to play. She does not care if I am hurt, she would like me to play.) I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and I really try not to complain about things but my right knee is KILLING ME and by killing me I mean I can't walk! This started around mile 2 of Frozen 5k yesterday. At first I thought it was a lame excuse to trick myself into not running. No trick here! It's totally real and extra painful. I am not sure what I did or how to fix it but after limping around doing errands, Roger suggested I try some ice. Ice is magic when you are in elementary school, I send kids to the nurse everyday for ice and they come back skipping with huge smiles. Didn't happen quite like that with this little ice pack. I also tried a long cold drink of water which can also do the trick for some of my littlest friends. Nope. Didn't work! Not even close! The rest of my body is sore but good sore and I am not complaining about that. My right obliques are also pretty sore and will be very toned from all of this limping around. So, for now my running mission is put on hold.

I mean it's not like I was going to run outside today or tomorrow anyways….look at these subzero temps. We are setting record lows here in Virginia! I suppose with my snow day tomorrow I could've gone to the community center to run on the treadmill but with this knee injury I think I will stay cozied up right here in my nice heated bed. Just when I could've been on a roll… {Sigh!}.

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