Friday, January 10, 2014

Running Advice

What's the best running advice you've received? That was the question asked by the Run Like a Diva FB page today! My response was advice given to me by Kimberly. Kimberly is a runner, a real runner. She told me to start counting while running, to inhale and exhale at the same rate. I usually count to three and this has helped me significantly. I had fun reading through the other advice and wanted to share my favorites.

"Keep moving….fast or slow you are always faster than the person on the couch!" - Love this and isn't it so true. Now if I could stop being the person on the couch.

"Eat before morning run and during long runs." - Check, got it! I've heard this a lot.

"Don't stop." -As soon as I get going I am pretty sure I will be unstoppable :)!

"Enjoy it." - I would probably want to kick the person that said this one. Kick them right in the face!

"Your mind will give out before your legs. Push through."- This is by far one of my favorites

"Even the worst run is better than the one you don't do."- I full heartedly agree with this.

"Running is a mental game. Takes much more mental strength that physical."- THIS is actually my favorite I think because it is completely true. The running truly is not a physical strain for me especially the first mile or two.

"If you can run 8 miles then you can do 13.1." - I will come  back to this one when I have actually RAN 8 miles LOL.

"Have a mantra…"this is easy", "you can do this", etc." - Hmmm, what shall my mantra be?!

"You will never regret lacing up those shoes and getting out there but you will definitely regret NOT doing it." - YES!

"Listen to your body."- THIS is the reason I haven't been running since the first 5k. My poor knee is killing me and I am not quite sure why. I don't want to do more damage and not be able to run!

"Speed up your arm swing and your legs will follow."- Note taken, I will keep this in mind the next time I am running.

"Quit your complaining, shut up and do it."- YUP, this one is PERFECT for me! 

Happy Friday! I hope to have some running to report next week!

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