Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week 1

Ask me how week one went? Just ask…

        and I will tell you that IT DIDN'T GO…
  • New Years Day was rather chilly and I stayed cozy in bed. 
  • Thursday was as close to running as it came! I packed my jazzy runners bag with a warm outfit, my shiny new shoes, etc. etc. etc. and I planned to run after school. Guess what the weather decided to do? The temperatures dropped and it was snowing/sleeting by 3pm. We had a "winter storm" Thursday night and no school on Friday.
  • Freezing temps on Friday were not good running conditions and the sidewalks were covered with ice/snow!
  • Today I did packet pickup for Frozen 5k and I am tempted to put on my running gear and head to the community center to get a quick run in.

Tomorrow is the first race of 2014 and the last time I ran was Jingle All the Way 8k! My new running shoes will meet the pavement tomorrow whether I am ready or not. I feel like a bit of a running impostor since I haven't been running but I have all of these big goals for 2014! While I don't know about conquering the world and these would not typically be my shoes of choice I am hopeful that I will find my motivation when the weather warms up just a TINY bit.

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