Monday, January 20, 2014

2 more miles

You might find this hard to believe BUT I ran 2 miles today! Yes, you read that right! I ran yesterday and today! I wish I could report that the run was at a great pace and without pain but my knee was really bothering me today. I did more than adequate stretching before my run and didn't try to push too hard and still ended up with the same pain.

I've been called stubborn before but I really wanted it to be something that would eventually improve with time and exercise. Unfortunately, I don't know if that is going to be the case and I don't want to injure myself before I really even start RUNNING; it's only January; I have 11 more races including a half marathon, which means a million more miles of training and running.

I am going to give it another week of stretching daily and resting to see if it improves and then I will make an appointment with a sports doctor to see if there truly is a problem. I have to get in my third run this week though to a) fill in my fitness log and b)earn my pedicure and c)to feel like I am making some progress.

According to The Running Doc and lots of other Google sources it's just my IT Band and I need to stretch! So I found tons of YouTube stretching videos and people that swear by their workout! I also have found lots of good videos and amazon review for the Protec IT Band Compression Wrap, so I have one of those on the way!

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